Fox Racing 2.0 Coilover Review

Today’s post is a fun one. If you’re trying to find an excellent quality off road suspension setup without breaking the bank, I assume you’ll discover this extensive Fox Racing 2.0 Coilover testimonial helpful.

I have actually had these on my 2007 Toyota 4runner for regarding a year and a fifty percent currently. I have actually subjected them to both on and off roadway driving, as well as 2 Canadian winter seasons. Thus far I’m really happy with this suspension arrangement besides one significant complaint. Maintain checking out for my comprehensive thoughts:

Fox Racing 2.0 Coilover Review

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Allow’s start with Fox’s description

Our bolt-on, Efficiency Series Coil-over IFP shock is packed with sophisticated technology as well as a long listing of features that establish it apart. The precision, steel effect squeezed out light weight aluminum body raises cooling down ability and is corrosion immune. The vehicle-specific top install consists of a composite bushing that isolates sound and vibration.

Locking, spring preload rings that allow easy ride height and also preload modification keep a high quality auto racing coil, selected to supply the optimal springtime rate. Efficiency Collection Coil-Over IFP shocks bolt on with no modifications and are created to level your truck front-to-rear. Applications are available for stock and lifted trucks that re-use the supply shock.

Inside is an interior storage tank with Inner Drifting Piston (IFP) mono-tube layout divides the shock oil from the high-pressure, nitrogen-charged concentration camp. The IFP removes oil aeration enabling optimum performance from the factory-tuned, precision valving. The easy-to-install, 2.0 Performance Series Coil-over IFP provides a comfy on-road ride as well as foreseeable off-road handling in also the hardest problems.”


The 2.0 coilover is meant to be Fox’s entry level suspension choice. Not everybody can validate investing the money for totally flexible, huge body, remote reservoir shocks. Fox’s 2.0 series seems to fit easily in the middle in between the large child systems and simply upgrading your shocks (while keeping your stock springs).

The pricing for these is rather great, considering what you get. They’re a couple of hundred more than a Toytec/Bilstein set, and a couple of hundred less than any similar option from other business like Symbol, King, or even Fox themselves.

One nice touch is that these are light weight aluminum as opposed to steel. This helps them dissipate warm far better as well as also keeps them from rusting. That’s a really nice feature for us Canadians. I believe it’s still crucial to maintain them clean though, as light weight aluminum can still oxidize and also wear away in time.

Fox 2.0 Performance Coil-Over + 2.0 Performance Shocks compatible with 03-09 4Runner 2-3


Exactly how Do They Compare?

Fox Competing is one of the leaders in off road suspension– and not just for vehicles. The benefits of buying beginning parts from a company as high-end as Fox are clear. You’re getting their extensive off roadway racing experience in a product that’s been crafted down to a reduced cost point. Fox’s valving is typically excellent as well as the 2.0 is no exemption. These are really valved particularly for your car design (so you aren’t placing suspension that’s indicated for the weight of a complete sized pick-up on your mid sized SUV).

One more big and also is the truth that these are totally rebuildable. Fox suggests having them rebuilt every 50,000 miles (or 80,467 kilometres) for street use as well as every 10,000 miles (or 16,093 kms) for a 50/50 mix of road and off road usage. That indicates these could be the last shocks you ever before purchase for your rig!

These practically seem too good to be true, but they do have a downside– as well as I ‘d be existing to you if I said it isn’t a large problem. One of the factors I had the ability to validate the added cost of these over a set of Bilstein 5100s was the reality that they’re a threaded coilover as well as can be easily changed for height and preload.

Or so I assumed.

Fox’s exact words are “Locking, springtime preload rings that allow easy ride height as well as preload change” makes it sound like they can be changed on the car any time like any other coilover. This sadly is not the situation whatsoever. In order to adjust them without risking damage to the threads you have to use a spring compressor to take the stress off the collar, then make your adjustment.

That implies you need to get rid of the coilover from the automobile and put it in a spring compressor every time you wish to change them. Because I do not precisely have a complete shop with a hydraulic lift at my house, this is no basic job.

You might be able to take a lucky guess at your desired ride elevation and just have to do this when. Yet it’s more probable that you’ll intend to tweak your adjustments implying these will need to come off as well as on numerous times prior to you more than happy. I ended up leaving the factory-set flight height (a little bit over 2 ″ of lift) as I currently had them set up and also the automobile lined up.

Wish to learn more regarding my Toyota 4runner? Look into the feature article below:.

This is a big deal to me. The similar Bilstein 5100 is indicated to be an once, “set-it-and-forget-it” height modification. In my opinion, the Fox 2.0 is generally the very same thing. The Bilsteins have a C-clip that holds the perch in position while the Fox’s use a threaded collar. Both the Bilstein as well as the Fox need to have the springtime pressed off the car in order to be changed.

After finding this out, I currently recognize the Bilstein and Fox 2.0 are basically equal in regards to adjustment. As soon as I took them for a drive however, I promptly discovered that the Fox 2.0 is far from equivalent in all other aspects …

The Ride:

Now that we have my biggest problem off the beaten track, let’s talk about how these perform. Basically, they’re great. It should be noted that right away after installation we noticed a creaking/popping noise originating from the guest side coilover when the suspension cycled. After investigating with a stethoscope, the noise was determined to be from the small rubber bushing on the shaft binding. A little passing through oil to lube it up was all it needed, and also it hasn’t made a peep since.

The lorry particular valving is instantaneously visible. These just seem like they belong under the truck. I assume they have the perfect combination of on road and also off roadway abilities.

On road:

f no one told you that the lorry you’re driving had aftermarket suspension, you ‘d likely never ever know it. Yes, they’re that great. The level of control is much closer to a sports sedan than a lifted 4 × 4. Body roll is marginal. Diving under hefty braking is really little. They have a stiffer feeling than the stock suspension, yet somehow they’re far more flexible over harsh roadways. Broadband security is wonderful. There aren’t any squeaks or rattles.

On the whole, the automobile is much more grown yet flexible of huge bumps. The best mall crawler suspension? Fairly perhaps.

Off roadway:

This is where the Fox 2.0 really beams. We need to manage our expectations here though. Certainly, we aren’t going to see the same arise from these as shocks that cost triple the rate. Compared to the stock suspension and also others in the very same cost range though, they’re extremely, great.

The trip on harsh gravel roadways is extremely flexible yet managed. Big bumps are absorbed without disturbing the car. I have yet to overheat them, although I have not run them at broadband for an extended amount of time. These aren’t going to win the Baja 500 however driving all the time without a paved road visible won’t be a trouble.

The Fox 2.0 is right at home when it involves slow rate wheeling. They give enough quantities of flex and make it seem like you’re riding on a cloud. You can really feel the suspension traveling below you over big, staggered bumps however the car continues to be quite level. These actually impart confidence on the path.

The Verdict

Apart from the adjustability problem, the Fox 2.0 is a terrific shock absorber. While they aren’t exactly low-cost, they still offer a lots of worth. The mix of on and off roadway handling is really difficult to defeat. I usually locate myself forgetting my 4runner has aftermarket suspension on it in all which’s an advantage. You’ll be happy with these even if your gear is a pavement princess considering that you aren’t giving up any on roadway behavior in any way. If you do select to avoid the beaten path, they’ll have not a problem handling what you throw at them.

Just how do I feel about the adjustment problem? Instead of investing hrs removing them and also spending for another alignment, I picked to leave them at the preset 2 ″ lift elevation. While the real lift measurements are a little bit greater than 2 ″, my 4runner still has quite a bit of visible front end rake when coupled with my OME 895 back springtimes.

Everything is rather well balanced from an useful viewpoint, yet I’m not happy with just how it looks. Function is more crucial than form for me when it pertains to my everyday chauffeur though, so I’m alright with it. The reduced front end height assists keep the CV angles safe as well as enables me to avoid upgrading my top control arms (called for at around 3 ″ of lift).

My concept on the appropriate quantity of lift for a car is that it must be just high sufficient to clear your wanted tire size. This is why I’m actually not disturbed with the front change because I do not have any kind of problems removing 33 ″ tires (thanks to some critical trimming of my front bumper). I can’t aid however think the percentage of extra stiffness in preload from raising the front end would enhance the equilibrium a bit though.

In closing, I ‘d very advise the Fox 2.0 for any person but one of the most hardcore wheelers around. If you wish to hit big jumps as well as whip whoop sections at 70+ miles per hour, you’ll wish to update, but be prepared to open your pocketbook!

For the remainder of us typical Joes, these are a superb upgrade over the stock suspension.
Whenever people see the sticker on my rear home window as well as ask me “Do you truly have Fox suspension on that thing?” I’m proud to respond to with “Yup, it’s incredible!”. With Any Luck this Fox Racing 2.0 Coilover evaluation will assist lead you in your choice.

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