Rough Country Lift Kit Review

So, you’ve lastly bought the truck of your dreams? Congratulations! We know all about just how amazing it can be to enjoy your new automobile and after that ponder every one of the great means you can personalize it. There is so much you can do with vehicles. The selections are practically unlimited. If you’re a passionate off-roader though, after that you know you’re mosting likely to require to get yourself a correct lift kit.

But lift packages aren’t just for off-roading. There are a million reasons to get them; they can enhance the look of your truck, allow for bigger tires, it gives you better shocks, even more ground clearance, and it even protects your automobile from hydro securing water. You can not refute that a raised truck likewise looks actually amazing! If you’ve obtained a fantastic truck, it would certainly be a pity to not obtain a great lift set for it.

So, without more trouble, right here is a listing of the five top-rated harsh country lift kits. These lift packages were ranked ‘the very best’ by customers, much like you. Do not take our word for it, take a look at the evaluations on your own! You simply can’t suggest with a lot of favorable testimonials!

Rough Country Lift Kit

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Leading 5 Ideal Rough Country Lift Set Testimonials

1.Harsh Country 2.5 Lift Set for 07-18 Jeep Wrangler

The first set on our list is the ‘Harsh Nation 2.5 ″ Suspension Lift Package for 07-18 Jeep Wrangler and also Wrangler Unlimited JK– 635.’ This lift kit is maybe among the very best lift sets for highway driving. In order to install this right, the recommended tire size is 33-by-12.50. If you are intending on running 35 ″ tires on factory wheels, you should see to it to double-check the clearance in between the front tire, lower control arm, as well as the sway-bar web links

If you neglect to do this, you can potentially slip up when installing it. Aside from that, it has nothing else requirements. It gives you a wonderful, smooth drive on even the rockiest of surfaces as well as it adds a good amount of elevation to your lorry too. It includes nitrogen-charged shocks with a customized 10 phase variable valving

Rough Nation 2.5 is probably among one of the most flexible shocks on the marketplace. The most effective component about this set is that it’s extremely easy to install. Also the much less seasoned can possibly place it all together in maybe 3-4 hrs. The instructions are easy and direct. This lift kit is additionally fairly low-cost as well and also consumers go crazy that you obtain the bang for your buck! With this lift kit, you get both incredible off-roading abilities along with an effective visual to your automobile

Some of the great functions for this lift kit:

  • It is nitrogen charged
  • The lift set has worry-free, bolt-on, easy installation– even for novices
  • The front has actually 3-inch lifted springtimes, constructed from the coil
  • It has a spring-loaded, piston rod, seal

2.The Rough Country 57030 Progressing Package N3 Shocks 2.5

The second lift kit on our listing is the ‘Rough Country 57030 Leveling Package N3 Shocks 2.5 ″ (fits) 2004-2008 F150 (F-150)’. This unbelievable lift kit additionally provides your car an amazing lift and want to it. It will certainly give your Ford a 2.5-inch lift, with a pair of top-notch shocks, rear spacers, and strut spacers. Similar to the formerly discussed package, this has a very easy installment.

This particular package is straightforward. All the essential equipment is included in the set to install it. The blocks set up on top of the leaf springtimes, the spacers enter the front struts as well as the rear shocks obtain replaced. There are no unique alignment requirements to worry about like with some other packages. It will offer your car a wonderful, powerful look while boosting its driving capacities.

Mounting this lift set will also improve your driving characteristics and also offers you a respectable quantity of ground clearance as well. The shock absorbers that feature this lift set are additionally among the very best! In only concerning 2-4 hours, you can have this lift set mounted and also your vehicle will certainly go from being great to being awesome! Every one of the parts as well as equipment required to mount this lift kit, already featured all of it, to make setup a lot easier

The set features a service warranty, which you merely can’t defeat. It is shielded and guaranteed to do as it should. You can relax very easy knowing that your lift kit is top-notch.

Several of the terrific functions:

  • A 2.5-inch leveling kit
  • A level hostile position
  • A Restricted time guarantee
  • It fits all 2004-2008 F150’s.

3.The Rough Nation 3.25 in. Suspension Lift Package w/ Shocks.


The next lift kit on our checklist is the ‘Harsh Country 3.25 in. Suspension Lift Package w/ Shocks.’ This lift set is designed for the 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK 2-Door Designs. This lift set can suit up to 35 ″ tires! With this package, you can improve your overall driving capabilitie.

This kit includes; replacement coil springs, brake line brackets, sway bar links, spacers, 2.2 shocks, and also back track bar bracket. The suspension of this lift kit degrees the front of your jeep with the rear, for included balance. The front and also rear high-performance shock absorbers include an inner rebound disc springtime, for boosted energy absorption, offering you a terrific off-road journey experience!

It likewise raises the ground clearance to offer you a much smoother flight on just about any kind of type of surface! The setting up for this lift set is extremely understandable. The package also provides 100-percent bolt-on installation, to make it that much easier to set up as well as put together. An user’s manual is also consisted of, so even if you’re a little bit new to this type of thing, it will be simple to understand and also deal with.

Several of the fantastic features:.

  • Bonus ground clearance.
  • Lifted coil springs. 0.75 ″ coil springtime spacers.
  • After installment, it preserves manufacturing facility flight quality.
  • Has a 3-year warranty.

4.Rough Country 3″ Lift Kit for 1984-2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ 2WD/4WD – 670N2

Our following lift package is the “Rough Nation– 620N2- 4inch Suspension Lift System w/ Costs N2.0 Shocks.’ This lift package raises ground clearance. It consists of fallen leave springs that are double tapered with Teflon pad inserts. This provides your lorry a much softer, smoother, ride top quality. It likewise consists of N3 shocks which are application valved. This indicates it will give optimum on as well as off-road efficiency.

The transfer instance decrease maintains correct driveshaft angles to prevent resonances. With this lift set, you obtain an outstanding feeling to your vehicle, a powerful look, and also superb driving capacity. The setup time can take anywhere between 6-8 hrs, yet customer claim that the time and initiative is well worth the ended up item!

The 4″ N2-Series set likewise includes a tubular transfer case drop set to maintain proper driveshaft angles. It also tracks bar decrease braces, bumps quit, and a complete collection of sway bar web links. The many great elements of this kit include the nitrogen-charged as well as specifically tested as well as tuned for YJ applications as well as the N3 Shock Absorbers. You simply can’t fail with this extraordinary lift package! It is a leading consumer rated for lots of reasons!

Several of the fantastic functions:.

  • Leaf springtimes that are dual tapered with Teflon pads.
  • Enhanced ground clearance.
  • A life time replacement warranty.
  • N3 shocks which are application valved.

5.The Rough Nation 5 ″ Lift Package for 2007-2013 Chevy Silverado.


If you’ve read this much, you may be questioning what the very best sort of lift package to get. Well, the apparent very first step is to recognize your automobile. Recognizing the make as well as version will certainly assist you establish what sort of lift packages are best for your truck and likewise which ones will not work. Lots of lift packages only service certain models of cars, others call for various tires sizes, and so forth and more.

Raise kits that are 3 ″ and also above can be a little bit more difficult to install those small ones. So, do not wait to take it to an expert if you’re feeling uncertain concerning doing it yourself.

You’ll need to have a pretty good understanding of the bracketry that is typically included in those packages. It is additionally smart to remember that every state has its regulations regarding what lift kits, grills, bumpers, as well as also wheels you can utilize. A lot of these laws connect to how high your vehicle is and also some connect to your GVWR, or gross lorry weight score.

So, it is best to take the time out and do your research prior to you go jumping rashly right into a lift kit. Know your lorry, recognize your specifications, and understand the law! Also, don’t try to set up a lift kit yourself if you’re not comfy or accustomed to your car or with setting up things of this nature. If you are uncertain, it is constantly best to take it to a specialist. It can save you a lot of problems, migraines, as well as errors.

The last advantage to keep in mind is your spending plan. There is no requirement to break the bank ahead name brand name lift sets. Stick To Rough Country brand! You get top quality goods, an amazing seek to your vehicle, guarantees, and it will not cost a fortune.

You will always obtain the most value with Harsh Nation. Harsh Country lacks a doubt among the biggest names in the suspension Lift Package globe, and also it’s with good factor. They are simply such a big as well as trustworthy trademark name that many people really end up getting the items even if of the credible name.

Harsh Nation Raise Kit FAQ

Q.How much does a rough lift kit expense?

It depends. It depends on a great deal of matters. If you are getting a routine one, it will set you back around $100 to $200, or around this rate. Yet if your eyes are on something that is a costs made, you’ll have to pay a whole lot, maybe virtually a thousand dollars. There are many sets that costs greater than a thousand dollars. The decision is your own.

Q.Are lift packages lawful?

The law of using lift kits is different in different states. As a whole, it is not illegal if you lift your truck in a modest quantity. Normally, lifting 1-3 inches is not a criminal offense in most of the states. But if you intend to stay risk-free, you need to inspect the legislation of your state prior to selecting to raise your car.

Q.Is lifting truck hazardous?

Raising trucks is not in fact unsafe if you raise it at a modest elevation. Usually trucks are a little bit hazardous zone as a result of their high center of mass. That’s why you need to drive trucks meticulously. If you lift your auto around 1-2 inches, the threat doesn’t enhance a lot. However if you raise more than that, you’ll need to be more careful while driving.

Q.Can I mount the rough lift set alone?

It depends. The solution is yes for you if you find out about your truck, know exactly how things work, do the upkeeps and also repair small things by yourself. If you have these experiences, it will certainly be difficult, but you can do that by yourself. If you have actually seen someone professional to do this, it will add extra value.

But you can not do it if you have absolutely no experience of DIYing your vehicle prior to. Because situation, it will be better for you to hire an expert to install this. Otherwise, you’ll wind up in a messy scenario.

Q.Are shock absorbers crucial in the lift package? Why?

Yes, essential. When you are mounting a lift package in your truck, you are making your car a little instable that before. Therefore, it will be extra responsive to the shocks. Hence the threat of accidents might enhance. Safe driving can conserve you. Yet including shock absorbers will certainly guarantee much better safety and security.

Shock absorbers decrease the possibility of bumps by taking in the shocks. Because of this, the threat of a crash caused by losing control lowers a lot.

Q.The number of days does it take to get utilized to a lifted truck?

You can obtain utilized to your lifted truck in the initial drive, or you might need 2-3 days to get utilized to it. When you raise your truck 1-2 inches, it is not that huge concern. All you require is to carefully drive and try to comprehend the minor modification that has actually occurred. As soon as done, you are alright with the change. Depending upon your driving design, it takes a couple of drives to totally obtain utilized to it.

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