Best Juice Storage Containers Of 2023 Evaluations

Best Juice Storage Containers 2021 (Bottles & Pitchers)– Reviews & Top Picks

Juicing is a wonderful method to pack additional nutrients right into your diet, yet doing it daily can be a lengthy as well as untidy procedure. It can be hard to keep juice fresh, however the bright side is that there are containers on the market that are up to the job.

This selected listing of juice storage containers has all the info you need to discover the system that will keep your juice fresh for longer, and also our testimonials will certainly assist you obtain one you like while staying clear of typical flaws that will certainly drive you nuts.

We have actually additionally consisted of a buyer’s guide, which is made to aid you analyze the acquiring process and also aid you discover the very best feasible worth for your cash.


The 5 Finest Juice Storage Containers

Epica 18 oz Juice Glass Drink Bottle Containers– Best General

There are lots of things to love regarding glass storage containers, and the Epica 18-Oz. Glass Drink Bottles are some of the best glass storage space containers for juice. When sealed, these containers are closed, so you know that your juice will stay fresher and also last much longer. They’re additionally made from lead-free glass, so they’re risk-free for call with food, and they’re dishwashing machine safe. Because they’re not plastic, they will not handle a scent, as well as they’re extremely easy to clean too. They come with stainless steel caps, which are long lasting, as well as look wonderful, too.

These containers are well-designed around. They’re slim enough at the base to fit in most mug holders in autos and on knapsacks. Plus, they have reasonably broad mouths, so loading them isn’t as much of a discomfort as it gets on a few other models. The something we don’t like is that these bottles are rather fragile. Be extra mindful when using them, because it is feasible to shatter them. Still, if you’re looking for a juice container that’s secure to make use of and made for day-to-day life, you’ll like these juice containers.

All About Juicing Clear Glass Water Bottles

The All About Juicing Clear Glass Water Bottles established is one more line of glass containers that’s exceptional when it comes to juice storage space. One of one of the most essential functions a juice storage container can have is an impermeable seal, and also this line of bottles measures up to assumptions in that location. Like the leading selection on our list, they feature wide mouths, so it’s simple to put juice as well as other fluids from a larger container into these bottles. The plastic covers and also glass bottles are dishwashing machine safe, so cleaning is fast and very easy, regardless of how vivid your juice was.

This line of containers is matched by a line of neoprene and silicone container sleeves, which can boost grip and also add a dash of color to each bottle. While they’re not included, it’s nice to have the choice to update your juice storage experience if you so wish. The one point we do not like is the plastic caps, as they lack color, and also it would certainly be much better if they were made from stainless steel or glass. However, this is a great line of juice storage bottles and one that’s sure to leave most customers pleased with their storage space.

Takeya Airtight Juice Container & Bottle

The Takeya Patented as well as Airtight Pitcher is a wonderful selection for a person searching for a large juice storage container. This bottle has two quarts of storage space capacity; so you’ll be able to make multiple days’ well worth of juice each time as well as keep it fresh in this container. It’s made from BPA-free plastic, which suggests it’s shatterproof; so you do not have to stress if you mistakenly drop it. It’s impermeable, so you can reliably maintain juice in it for days each time and anticipate it to stay fresh.

Since this is a pitcher, it has a manage, that makes it very easy to steer while you utilize it. It additionally includes a spout that makes pouring the juice into smaller containers easier. However, it can be drippy while pouring, though this differs by the thickness of the juice. In general, this is a great juice storage container; and it’s an especially great selection for people who wish to store large sets of juice at a time.

Komax Juice Storage Bottles

The Komax Juice Bottles aren’t terrible; but their value isn’t high sufficient for them to climb greater than fourth position on our checklist. They’re made from BPA-free plastic, so they’re secure for use with food as well as drinks. They’re likewise unbreakable. That’s a big benefit over glass containers; especially if you’re mosting likely to be utilizing your juice storage space containers on the go. These bottles are likewise dishwashing machine safe, which is a big and also. They have large mouths, like most of the other juice storage space containers on our checklist. So it’s less complicated to get juice in and out of them than it is with other type of containers.

However, the lids aren’t dishwashing machine risk-free. That’s a big pain if you’re trying to find something that’s constantly easy to clean. Given that there’s a likelihood you’ll obtain something on the covers, you’ll have to wash them by hand each time. These bottles additionally come with plastic straw holders, but most people discover them a lot more annoying than useful. Considered that this set costs more than other containers on our list, yet offers less containers. They will not leave most people pleased with their purchase.

Jarden Round Mason Quart Juice Jars

The Jarden Ball Mason Wide Mouth Quart Jars set is a traditional product that lots of people make use of for juicing; despite the fact that there are better alternatives readily available. The plus side is that these are Mason containers, as well as they have a good look to them. Additionally, they have broad mouths, which makes getting juice in and also out much easier than it would certainly be with a standard container. They also secure extremely well when closed. And they have acid-resistant cellular linings on the within the covers that help keep it that way.

However, these jars have actually grown significantly slim over the years; and also they have actually currently hit the point where that’s an issue. Not only are these not likely to survive a fall, yet many people report one, two; or three jars out of their 12-jar order broke in transit. That’s a discomfort to take care of as well as possibly unsafe. The covers also in some cases corrosion, which is something you certainly do not wish to see if you’ll be keeping liquids. In general, this brand isn’t comparable to it made use of to be. If you’re trying to find an excellent juice storage container; you’re far more likely to be pleased with a different option.

Purchaser’s Overview

Airtight containers

Airtight containers are extremely essential when it concerns juice storage space. Juice is produced by pushing fruits and some veggies; as well as both categories of plant items are especially vulnerable to the air.

A process called “oxidation” is what triggers bananas to brown as well as triggers brown spots in apples and pears. On a chemical degree, oxidation is the oxygen airborne reacting with enzymes in vegetables and fruits.

While fruits and vegetables are likewise susceptible to light and also heats, just placing them in the fridge can be sufficient to slow spoilage. Nevertheless, if a container with juice in it isn’t airtight; the juice will certainly still oxidize, which can result in it spoiling much faster.

Nevertheless, oxidation does greater than just trigger juice to spoil. It breaks down Vitamins A, C, and E, to ensure that your juice gradually comes to be less healthy and balanced when exposed to air. That’s why juice storage containers need to be closed. Limiting your juice’s direct exposure to oxygen will assist it last longer and assist maintain the vital nutrients that a lot of juicers want.

Dishwasher secure

Something else that will certainly be very essential to juicers is that their storage devices is simple to tidy. Given that fruits and vegetables come in a variety of extreme colors, juice is frequently equally as vibrant. It also stinks badly when it spoils, so obtaining an excellent clean is essential however also in some cases tricky.

If you can place all the components of a juice storage container in the dishwasher, after that cleaning up is rather basic. However, several brand names market their tools as being dishwasher secure, when just the jars themselves can be placed in the dish washer. That suggests that you need to wash the lids by hand.

While that might not sound so negative, the lids on the very best juice storage containers are made to create an airtight seal, as well as they often have little nooks and also crannies that juice enters but are hard to tidy. That can make cleaning them by hand a lengthy job; and also if you do not do it right, your lids will start to smell.

In the future, lots of people will be better with dishwashing machine safe sets where all the parts can be placed in the dish washer.


One more crucial point to think about is the capability of the containers you acquire. If you’re making a huge batch at once, you have the alternative of buying a single large container, or a collection of smaller containers. While it might make some sense to buy a container that can hold all your juice, it’s important to consider the space inside your fridge.

Relying on the area between your shelves, consisting of the ones in your door. You may not have the vertical space required for a container that holds all your juice at the same time, given that it’s likely to be quite high. If you have actually limited room, or can’t move shelves about without creating chaos; it might be a great suggestion to buy a collection of smaller sized containers.

The smaller containers will certainly be closer to the dimension of a single offering; and a lot of them are made to be utilized as cups too, which minimizes the number of dishes you need to clean.

Which juice storage container is right for you?

There’s a great deal to analyze, so as lengthy as you obtain the ideal mix of airtightness, ability, and ease of cleaning; you make certain to obtain a juice storage container that’s right for you. Fortunately is that there’s not a lots of cost distinction between these options. So you can securely opt for the one that seems like it finest fits your demands.

One thing to look out for is that some manufacturers consist of less jars for the same price. So if you’re searching for optimum capability for your money, make sure you confirm the number of are included.

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Conclusion’s preferred juice storage containers are the Epica 18-Oz. Glass Beverage Bottles, which are airtight. Following are the Everything About Juicing Clear Glass Canteen, which have large mouths, impermeable storage. Their plastic caps cost them the top place on our list. The Takeya Patented; as well as Airtight Pitcher has a large ability, is made from BPA-free plastic, as well as has a deal with; yet its drips while putting hurt its value. The Komax Juice Bottles are made from BPA-free plastic and also have broad mouths; yet their covers should be washed by hand, and also they come with a bothersome straw owner, which suggests they wind up in 4th area. In last are the Jarden Round Mason Wide Mouth Quart Jars, which seal well and feature broad mouths; yet are thin and also often prone to rusting.

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