26 ROFL-worthy Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriends

Are you wracking your brain for Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriends who like things a little off the wall? If you want a gift that’s as unique as he is (for unique, also read weird, wacky, or even gross – in a nice way, of course) check out this collection of out of the box pressies that will really make his birthday one to remember.


Dinosaur Bottle Opener

Stick an unopened bottle in T-Rex’s mouth and he’ll prise the top off with no effort at all. Made from cast iron, this freestanding dino makes a great ornament, too.


I Pee in Pools Can Cooler

This can cooler makes a fun birthday gift idea for boyfriends who revel in grossness, as it tells the world that he has at least once disgusting habit!



Spare him (and you) the embarrassment of licking his plate clean with the Forktula. Simply slip this ingenious silicone sleeve onto his fork and he can collect every last morsel.


Classic Boxing Bell

Looking for a birthday gift for your sparring partner? This classic boxing bell is evocative of all the greats from the world of boxing, and makes a fascinating conversation starter.


Beard Bouquet

Who said you can’t buy a guy flowers? This beard bouquet consists of 9 red rose buds which clip into his beard for the most romantic gift you could give him.


Head Case

It won’t be a case of mistaken identity when you give him a suitcase cover that features his face, large as life and twice as…pretty? Available in small, medium, and large.

Prices vary

Game Boy Watch

Give him a touch of retro on his wrist with the officially licensed Game Boy watch, which features a Super Mario Land alarm, and light up time and date display.


Trump Socks

Love him or loathe him, President Trump makes an imposing figure, and now your boyfriend can have him on his socks, complete with styleable hair and own teeny tiny comb.


Dark Stock Photos

If weird and wonderful is his thing, he will love this book of the darkest stock photographs available today. With 120 (slightly) disturbing images, this is one for the man cave.


Zero Fox Given Socks

If your boyfriend is all out of fox to give, these are the socks for him. Fitting shoe sizes 6-12, these 70% cotton socks tell it like it is.


Yoga Joes

If your fella would benefit from some inner Zen, then show him that yoga is not just for girls with this set of soldiers as they tackle the different classic poses.


Fresh Face

Now he’ll never be lonely when he drives, with this set of air fresheners that feature your (or someone else’s) face, with scents like coffee and bacon to choose from.


A Hole Paperweight

This steel paperweight says it all, without him having to say a thing. The ‘a-hole’ weight is made from reclaimed steel and would make a great statement sitting on his desk.


Paint with Bob Ross Mug

They say a picture paints a thousand words, but the one which appears on this Bob Ross mug when it’s filled with that first morning cup of coffee simply says ‘aaahhhhhh’.


Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

Sometimes made-up lyrics are better than the original, so celebrate that fact with a set of cork coasters which display some commonly mistaken words in rock, pop, or greatest hits genres.


Nostalgia Retro Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster

This retro-inspired hot dog toaster makes a tasty birthday gift idea for boyfriends who like their food fast, as it cooks 2 hotdogs and toasts 2 buns at the same time.


Hockey Stick Snow Brush

This hockey stick snow brush will bring any man back to the heyday of ice hockey, as each one is crafted from a professional game-worn stick. Colors will vary. This is probably the 60th birthday gift ideas for him, to recall his memories of the sport if he were an ice hockey player.


Periodic Table of NYC Trash

Based on the classic periodic table, each symbol on this poster is accompanied by a corresponding piece of trash commonly found on the streets of New York – geeky AND real.

Prices vary

What’s Your Poo Telling You?

‘What’s Your Poo Telling You?’ is a fascinating (if totally gross) book which delves into what your boyfriend’s number twos say about his health, in a hilarious and enlightening way.


Fruit Keg Tapping Kit

For a keg with a difference, simply fill a large hollowed-out fruit with the drink of choice, insert tap, and dispense deliciously fruit-infused concoctions at the touch of a lever.


Little Reminders Doormat

Keys, wallet, and phone – the holy trilogy of things we shouldn’t forget (but still do). Give this doormat as a gift and it’ll remind him every time he leaves the house.


Never Have I Ever

His secrets will all come out with ‘Never Have I Ever’, the card game that exposes all those bad decisions and shameful choices he’s made along the way.


Whiskey Bullets

These whiskey coolers are ideal for chilling his scotch without diluting it. Simply keep the stainless steel bullets in the freezer and they’re ready at the end of a long day.


Food In My Beard Face Plates

Beards and food – a lethal combination, at least until these porcelain plates came along! With one black and one white plate, getting food in his fuzz is cause for celebration.


Make it Rain Money Gun

If your boyfriend likes to splash the cash, the Make it Rain gun will add to the fun. Simply load the gun with cash (or plain paper), aim, and shoot!


2 Diy Birthday Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Diy Dinosaur Toothbrush Holder

Persuade him to leave his toothbrush at your place with a DIY dinosaur toothbrush holder. Costing next to nothing, this holder takes minutes to make for a fun home-made gift.

Diy Cactus Pillow

Grab your sewing machine and you can make a whole desert-full of cacti cushions for the boyfriend who yearns for the Wild West – just cut, sew, and stuff.

Hopefully, after the reading, you have the Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriends to help him have moments of happiness. You can visit the website for more details

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