105 Must-Have Father’s Day Gifts – Cool Gift Ideas for Dad

That special day is looming, and of course you want to find the coolest, most imaginative gifts for your dad. Inside this list there are tonnes to things to choose from, so no matter their hobbies and interests (or your budget) you’re sure to find the Must-Have Father’s Day Gifts, right here.

Top 3 Father’s Day Gifts of the Year

23andMe DNA Ancestry Test


Families can’t get enough of giving these comprehensive 23AndMe DNA Ancestry Test Kits as father’s day gifts this year. Give him the one-of-a-kind-gift of connecting with his heritage and discovering new things about himself that he didin’t know were a mystery to him his whole life. The perfect sentimental gift for dad that can also uncover important health risks that may have gone unknown.

Super NES Classic


There is no better nostalgic gift for any dad that grew up in the 90’s then this mini Super NES Classic! The perfect combination of thoughtful, unique and cool.

iGrill Mini


Father’s Day is the signal that summer is in full swing, and what better way to show Dad you love him than with this mini version of the popular iGrill device! It’s a meat thermometer that will let him know when dinner’s ready, so really it’s a gift that benefits the whole family. Grilling dads LOVE this gadget.

2018 Fathers Day Ideas for The Best Dads

Baseball Glove Oven Mitt


Baseball season is in full swing by the time Father’s Day rolls around, and this makes a great gift for the dad that loves to bake up game day treats. It does its best to resemble a baseball glove while providing all of the protection of an oven mitt.

Prices Vary

Ryobi One Plus Ultimate Combo Kit


Why settle for just one power tool when you can get Dad an army of them? This tool set features some of the most popular tools that can do the most jobs around the house. Each one is battery powered so they’re easy to use and cordless. Includes a circular saw and a drill for most DIY tasks.

Prices Vary

F-Bomb Paperweight

Does dad drop his fair share of f-bombs? This paperweight pays homage to this powerful four letter word with a cute play on images. Features a bomb with the letter f in front of it with a metallic finish for added realism. It might not cut down on his swearing but he’ll sure love it.


Made By Dad Book


This handy book shows Dad how to make all sorts of neat little things to keep things interesting around the house. If he’s a natural do-it-yourselfer he’ll take to these little mini projects with a zest you’ll only normally see with bigger tasks. Many of the projects use common items from around the home.


Amazon Fire TV


Amazon has made it so that you can get all of your favorite streaming services all in one place, and you can search for things with your voice. Imagine speaking the name of your favorite show, genre, or actor and being taken directly to what you’re looking for.

Prices Vary

Dynatrap Bug Trapper


This ingenious bug trapper works without the use of chemicals, by using lights and carbon dioxide to attract mosquitos. It then traps them so they can’t bug you anymore, and lets you enjoy your outdoor activity without the nuisance and itchy bites. All of this happen silently, without the annoying zap of a bug zapper.

Prices Vary

Dog Blueprint

Get your Dad a blueprint of his best friend with these dog diagrams. There are many different breeds to choose from, so chances are his favorite pup will be on the list. The blueprints show interesting facts about the dog and are a great tribute to a loyal home companion.


Beats Executive Over-Ear Headphones

These noise-canceling headphones go over Dad’s ears so he’ll be immersed in his music and can totally tune out the world around him. It’s great for a dad that loves to listen to his tunes, especially if the rest of the family doesn’t care for his taste in music.

Prices Vary

Wine Infused Grilling Plank Set

This set lets Dad grill his favorite foods and infuses them with the flavor of wine. The perfect gift for a dad that loves to have a glass of wine with his meal. He can grill up veggies and meats and the planks allow the food to soak up the flavor.


Fighter Pilot for a Day

Give dad the most extreme gift we could find. Not only does he get to ride in a fighter jet, he actually gets to fly the plane at some points. It’s an experience he’ll never forget, and you’ll have a hard time topping this gift for years to come.

Property of My Kids T-Shirt

Here’s a fun shirt that lets everyone know who owns Dad. They let you put up to five different names so this is a gift that’s best for bigger families. It’ll quickly become his favorite t-shirt since it has each of his kids’ names on it.


Steaks for the Grill

Summer grilling is best when there’s a nice thick steak on the grill, and Omaha Steak has been delivering amazing tasting meat for decades now. You can get their Father’s Day deal and send Dad amazing cuts like filet mignon and sirloins as well as pork chops and burgers all in one package.


Camo Diaper Bag

Keep a new dad well equipped and looking like he’s ready for baby battle with this camouflaged diaper bag. It contains all of the compartments you’ll need for bottles, diapers, baby wipes and more, and is something he’ll never leave home without. The distinctive styling sets it apart from ordinary diaper bags.

Prices Vary

Darth Vader Floor Mats

Dad can take one more step closer to joining the Dark Side with these Darth Vader floor mats. This is a must have for any Star Wars enthusiast that’s also a car enthusiast. The menacing The Imperial March gets stuck in your head just at the sight of them.



This is a way to get Dad to work out a bit more than he currently does. If he could stand to lose a few pounds, P90X is a time-tested and reliable way to burn them off. It’s been used by thousands of people already and will work as long as he follows the program.

Prices Vary

Every Clint Eastwood Film

The perfect gift for the Eastwood fan, this set contains 40 of his films so Dad can get up to speed on this legendary actor. It may not be every single film, but it’s gotta be close to it. Go ahead, make his (Father’s) day.


Propane Camp Fire

No need to gather twigs and wrestle with the matchbook, this propane camp fire will have you up and running in no time. It features fake logs to replicate the look, but doesn’t have the smoke and ash associated with a traditional bonfire.

Prices Vary

Electronic Screw Driver Set

This screw driver set has everything Dad needs to handle any sort of situation that might arise. If there’s a screw that this set can’t handle, it has yet to be invented. It has over 150 pieces so there’s finally nothing standing in the way of fixing those jobs around the house.


Fully Equipped Tackle Box

Dad will have everything he needs in order for a successful fishing trip when you get him this tackle box loaded with fishing necessities. Be careful, he may end up waking you up at 4am to get to the fish nice and early, but that could just be part of the gift as well.


Best. Dad. Ever. T-Shirt

This shirt says it all and if you believe you have the best dad ever there’s no better way to broadcast it than with big letters. The shirt comes in several different colors so you can pick out which one you think will look best on him.

Prices Vary

Sh*t My Dad Says

Does Dad have a certain way with words? This is the classic that started a sitcom of the same name, and originally was a series of Twitter posts about things his dad said. It’s sure to resonate with a dad that always seems to spout off interesting sayings.


Dad’s Playbook

This book gives Dad some really good advice on how to be a great dad, given by coaches that really know how to motivate. If he loves sports than he’ll love the different analogies they make between fatherhood and different sports, which makes it all very applicable so he can put it to use right away.


Mr. Beer Brewing Kit

If you know Dad has been thinking of getting into the world of beer brewing, this is his entry ticket. It makes it all paint by numbers easy, but it is also a real kit that produces tasty, drinkable beer in different styles. If Dad is a beer lover this is a can’t-miss gift.



Now that the smoke has cleared from the Christmas holiday rush, the winner of the video game competition has emerged. It’s the PS4. For the ultimate at-home gaming experience there’s no better gift than this console. Pair it with a game he’ll love and watch him get engaged for hours.

Prices Vary

Ultimate Bug Out Bag

This is the bag that will get you out of danger and help you survive for up to three days. So no matter if it’s a zombie apocalypse or just a forced evacuation due to a natural disaster, Dad can retain a sense of normality and help you all out of the mess.

Prices Vary

Office Chair Racer

This office chair puts a little more fun in the office by looking like it belongs on a race track. Inspired by the inside of a racing car, all that’s missing is a pit stop crew and this thing would be race ready. If Dad is into racing he’ll love this office upgrade.


Heavy Duty Flashlight

This is the classic Maglite flashlight, it’s made of metal and made to take a beating and still work just fine. It’s the sort of flashlight that comes in handy when the power goes out, and also comes in handy for odd jobs around the house. Every dad should have one.


Adjustable Dumbbells

These adjustable dumbbells are like having a full set all in one without taking up all of the space. Pair this with a workout bench and Dad will have everything he needs to complete a wide array of exercises to build up lean muscle.


Lake Topography Art

Give the special ol’ man in your life a precious gift by giving him that nostalgic feeling – if he spent many summers having a ‘splashing’ time in a local lake, we’re sure he has many fond memories of it, so give him a unique Lake Topography Art piece, it’ll be guaranteed to make him smile.

Price varies

Just For Him Embroidered Luxury Fleece Robe

Show him just how special he is and treat him to this gorgeous luxurious black fleece robe. You can even personalize it with his name, either in block or script font, so he can walk around the house in complete comfort while feeling like the true king he is. It also has 2 handy pockets.


Gentleman Jon Deluxe Wet Shave Kit

There’s no need to go to the barbers everytime you need to neaten up your beard, well not with this Gentleman Jon Deluxe Wet Shave Kit, anyway. Treat your dad to a shave of luxury and chuck away those horrible 2 use razors, as this kit lasts much longer and comes with everything he will need.


Grilljoy BBQ Grill Tools Set

Wow, with this kit he really will be able to up his barbecuing game. The case comes packed with a whopping 20 tools ready for him to flip burgers, baste meats with delicious marinades, grill corn, and even a tool to tenderize meats perfectly. He won’t be able to resist starting a barbecue right away.


Royal Decanters Etched Globe Whiskey Decanter Set

This absolutely gorgeous Royal Whiskey Decanter Gift Set is made entirely from hand blown glass. It looks just like a globe, and even the glasses match with their etched globe print – inside of the whiskey globe there is a stunning glass ship and it’s all placed upon a sturdy wooden base.


Sit ‘n Fish Personalized Cooler & Chair

If he enjoys fishing, stop right where you are because THIS is the gift for him. There’s nothing worse than going fishing and having all of your beverages turn warm in the sun – with this Sit N’ Fish Cooler Chair everything stays nice and cool and it can even be personalized with his name, too.


What I Love About Dad Fill in The Love Journal

This unique gift idea is bound to have your dad smiling from ear to ear as he reads through each page, every one of them having a personal reason (from you) as to why you love and appreciate him. How lovely is that? Reading through this together is going to be one special moment.


Musician’s Hand Grip Exerciser

Time to get your flex on with the Hand Grip Exerciser. Whatever his job may be, whether it’s a musician, a job where he’s on the computer, or artist, they can all take a toll on our hands so he’s bound to appreciate this exerciser as it helps exercise away all those aches and pains.


Monthly Underwear (The Most COmfortable Undies for Men Ever)

The gift that keeps on giving! Dad gets a fresh pair of undies delivered each month, and you’ll get the benefit of not having to see his old boxers when he has one of his lazy days around the house. If he generally keeps his underpants past their prime, this is the perfect thoughtful gift.

Prices vary

Echo Dot

The Echo Dot is a voice controlled device that uses Amazon’s Alexa to control devices in your home, play music, read audiobooks, search google and can even send messages and make calls as well as many more awesome functions – he can do any of this from across the room with its 7 far-field microphones.

Prices Vary

RAK Universal Socket Grip

This is the best gift idea for any handyman: rather than keeping lots of easy-to-lose parts, get him this Universal Socket Grip instead. It easily attaches to ratchet wrenches and power drills, and self adjusts to grip hooks, bolt heads, hex nuts and a whole range of other variously sized objects.


Burt’s Bees Men’s Gift Set

Spoil and pamper him with this set of all natural Burt’s Bees products. Inside the giftable tin, you will find 5 Burt’s Bees items: an original lip balm, shave cream, body wash, hand salve and aftershave. All of these great products leave skin feeling amazingly soft and nourished.

Prices Vary

Star Wars Darth Vader with Red LED BBQ Tongs

Become ruler of the grill with these super awesome Darth Vader BBQ Tongs. These are no novelty tongs, though, they mean business (just like Darth Vader himself). They have a red storage case, heat-proof handle, authentic Star Wars sound effects and even a red light to feel like the real thing.


LEGO Architecture New York City Building Blocks

We all enjoy letting out our inner child for a while and playing with LEGO, though this Architecture New York City Skyline Collection is much more ‘grown up’ and adult-like. Dad can chill out and relax for a few hours while he takes some time out to build the magnificent city skyline.


Da Vinci Dice Striped Poker Chip Set

We ‘bet’ this Da Vinci 200 dice Poker Chip Set is sure to be a hit with your dad. Everything is neatly stored inside of the high quality, heavy duty aluminium case, making this a certainly elegant gift that you’ll be proud to give. What could be better than a night of playing poker together?



If your dad likes a refreshing bottle of beer or soda after a long day, then he’s bound to enjoy this little gadget; BottleLoft – a strip of 3 super strong magnets to hold your choice of beverage on the roof of the fridge, which not only looks cool but creates space for more food, too.


Wooden Docking Station

We all know what dads are like before they head out of the door; always in a frantic rush trying to find their wallet, keys and phone – well now they don’t need to with this awesome wooden docking station. This neat little thing organizes their desk and helps them keep track of their necessities.


Personalized Golf Balls With Personalized Case

Golfing enthusiasts will undoubtedly love this neat, unique gift. This set includes a beautiful personalized rosewood case, that’s feltlined and holds a dozen golf balls (included), 12 tees and 12 golf pencils, handy for keeping score around the putting field. The box and balls can be personalized with a name, initials or a monogram.


Golf Ball Washer Cleaner

Match up any golfing gift with this seriously handy golf ball washer. It has a useful strap to attach it to their golf bag, so they can quickly clean the dirty balls as they make their way around the course, keeping their bag spick and span.


Father is a great person, give him the best gifts on the Must-Have Father’s Day Gifts list. You can visit zallag for more information about gifts