Looking for a cheap RC Boat that your son or daughter can use to improve their RC boat skills? Afraid to buy an expensive model before learning the basics? Well, fear not! The RC Boat market is loaded with a ton of options, each of which serves different user levels and price points. The BEST RC BOAT UNDER 100 dollars can help you or your child master racing skills without wasting a ton of your money. These boats are durable, and precision-built which means they will resist the elements if properly maintained.

Hooked-in and ready to go? Let’s find the best 4 RC Boats under $100 for you!


Force1 Velocity Wave Remote Control Boat

Force1 is a brand name known for reliable RC vehicles. One example of their experience is the Force1 Velocity Wave with tons of features to support it.


The Force1 is a bit bigger than most in this price range, coming in at a length of about 17 inches. It features a water-cooled motor to deliver high speeds to the user and ensure superior control. The Boat comes with a 2.4 GHz remote control that has four different channels, so you can control the boat with ease and free of interference.

This means you can race with your friends at the same time without worrying about losing control. The boat comes with a water-tight hull to ensure no water damages the boat. However, the manufacturers do not recommend using the boat in saltwater.

The boat features a Capsize recovery option where if your boat capsizes, you can quickly put it back in an upright position with the press of a button. This is a must have feature for rough waters. This RC boat is perfect for racers as it can reach up to 20 MPH and more. The motor is powered by a 7.4 V 1500mAh Li-ion battery that offers better play times and shorter charge times.

The Long-Range LCD Display on the boat makes it easy for you to see the status of the battery levels from afar. The main point to note about this boat is that it has an emergency stop feature which allows you to stop instantly in case of an obstacle.


  1. Larger size compared to most in this class.
  2. 20 + MPH speeds.
  3. Long range LCD Display screen.
  4. Capsize recovery option.
  5. Water-tight hull.


  1. The controller might too large for smaller hands.
  2. Manual can be a bit difficult to understand.

Who is it For?

The Force1 is perfect for back lake racers looking for a high speed to test and practice their skills. Because of the cheaper price and more durable design, it makes for a great gift for kids as well.

HQQN Remote Control Boat for Pools and Lakes

The HQQN Is a name you might not have heard about yet. However, this a name you need to know as it is often associated with high-quality boats under a budget.


The HQQN RC Boat is made of durable ABS Plastic which means you can rest assured, your investment won’t need rescued by an RC submarine any time soon! The hull has an anti-tilt design which allows you to attain high speeds at sharp turns. This allows you to sail as smooth as an RC sailboat. The boat is lightweight as well so your kids can easily lift it without difficulty. At first, we thought that the battery life was disappointing with only 6-8 minutes of play time. However, all disappointments were gone when we realized it took merely 10-12 minutes to charge fully.

The 2.4GHz transmitter ensures a better control distance at 150 meters. This means you can play with it and take it as far as possible without worrying about losing it in the middle of the lake. The hull of the ship is waterproof as well, which ensures your boat electronics remain protected.

Apart from all this, the boat comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well as a 1-year warranty! Furthermore, this remote-control boat is extremely easy to use as it only has the most basic functions and does not include complex features.


  1. Short charging time.
  2. Control distance of about 150 meters.
  3. Comes with a 1-year warranty.
  4. Durable, anti-tilt hull design.
  5. Easy to use and control.


  1. Does not have any Capsize recovery function.
  2. Size is too small.

Who is it For?

The boat is best for beginners and kids who are just starting on their voyage to becoming an RC boat racer due to its basic features and durable design.

Mioshor Remote Control Boat H100

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly yet high-speed RC Boat, then none can suit your needs better than Mioshor RC Boat!


The Mioshor RC Boat can reach high speeds of about 25 km/hr, helping you win a few races against friends and family. The boat is equipped with a large, easy to read LCD Display which makes it easier for you to see the Voltage volume to determine the battery power left. However, you don’t even need to do that! The Low battery alarm will alert you when the battery runs low, so you can quickly bring your boat in before it is left in the middle of the lake. The 2.4 GHz remote control allows you to control the boat up to a distance of 150 meters.

The Mioshor controller comes with two different modes that allow you to operate it with your preferred hand. This is a considerable advantage to lefties who often feel uncomfortable reaching for the throttle switch. The high speeds of this boat are due to the high-power single-prop, water-cooled motor that allows for easier capsize recovery.

Also present is a water sensor that prevents any water from entering the hull. The motor runs on a 7.4V 600mAh Li-ion battery that allows you around 8-10 minutes of battery life while needing at least 90 minutes to charge fully.

The streamlined and sleek, the waterproof hull has an anti-tilt design that doesn’t let your boat flip over. The boast itself is made of durable, impact-resistant ABS Plastic which grants sturdiness and longevity to the RC Boat.


  1. Durable and impact resistant structure,
  2. The long range of the controller.
  3. Ambidextrous control.
  4. High speed.
  5. Features a low battery alarm.


  1. Takes longer to charge.
  2. Does not come with rechargeable batteries.

Who is it For?

The Mioshor is perfect for those amateurs who are looking for a couple of extra features that will make them King of the seas (or lakes)!

Gizmovine RC Boat

Equipped with a strong motor drive system, the Gizmovine is a classic RC boat that will have you enjoying outdoors for a long time!


The Gizmovine come equipped with a 390 motor drive system which makes it easier to control the boat. This means you won’t be veering left and right by wave action! Instead, you will be on your merry way! Apart from that, the motor drive system grants the boat with high speeds of more than 20 mph. This makes them one of the fastest racing boats under $100. These RC boats allow your kids to win from the neighbors and make you proud!

The boat is equipped with an anti-tilt design which makes it easier for you remain upright during your voyages. It allows you to make sharper turns without flipping over and skin. The boat is also equipped with a large LCD Display screen with the voltage flashing on it. This means you can easily read the screen from far distances and know when your battery is about to run low. It even has alerts on the remote control itself to help you retrieve your boat before it is stuck in the middle.

The RC boat comes equipped with an extra high-power Li-ion battery that easily doubles your racing time. The play time for the battery is a mere 10 minutes while it can take 90 minutes to charge fully. The 2.4 GHz controller allows you to control your boat from about 300 yards away.


  1. High-speed racer boat.
  2. Low battery alert and large, easy to read display screen.
  3. Long range for the controller.
  4. Anti-tilt design makes it easier to make the turn.
  5. Good battery life.


  1. Longer charging times.
  2. Remote is not waterproof.

Who is it for?

The Biz Movine is highly suitable for kids and teenagers as it will not break easily so they can practice their racing skills on a smaller boat before you load them up with the big guns!

Why buy an RC boat in this price range?

You might wonder why you should buy any of these boats? Well, these boats are cheaper than most other and are durable. What this means is that they can easily bear hard head-on collisions which are likely to happen to beginners and kids. So, if you’re looking to buy something for your kids to practice on, these will be the perfect solution. They won’t break easily, and even if they do, they didn’t set you back much. Plus, your child might have learned a few things. These are fast, so you can rest assured with the right techniques, you or your kid will win any nearby races!


All in all, any of these BEST RC BOAT UNDER 100 dollars will serve you well. These are amazing boats at low prices which help you get into practice before moving up to a more expensive model. So, weigh up your anchors and set your sails! These RC boats can take you on a voyage of a lifetime and with an affordable budget!

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